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FREIGHTWISE aims: Supporting intermodal transport by advanced management tools and an open architecture

FREIGHTWISE's overall objective is to support the modal shift of cargo flows from road to intermodal transport using road in combination with short sea shipping, inland waterways and rail. It will achieve this objective by means of improved management and facilitation of information access and exchange between large and small, public and private stakeholders across all business sectors and transport modes.


FREIGHTWISE promotes EU-policies encouraging the development of open and interoperable systems, which meet the requirements of cargo owners, transport operators and intermodal freight integrating services. The aim is to support the Commission in formulating future legislation and in developing initiatives that can provide a platform on which the industry can develop management solutions thus helping to increase the competitiveness of intermodal transport.

Under the heading of the FREIGHTWISE FRAMEWORK - FWF- the project intends to develop generic system architecture for intermodal transport management based on previous European and national efforts. But the FWF shall also provide support in the use of management tools and demonstrate some new developments intended to facilitate market transparency and a management framework supporting the organisation of intermodal transport chains.